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PrioritiesI just had a thought. I just left the new Eagle County Pavilion glider rink, whatever you want to call it. Pretty impressive inside. It amazes me we can build something like that for our animals, but we can’t do anything for our senior citizens.BoringLast year at the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo there was no music to be heard at all. Well, we all just finished reading this year’s Eagle County Fair and Rodeo schedule and we see there is no music of any sort scheduled again. We are all now sure that the people who are in charge should be replaced. Boring before it even gets started.Likes that stationIt’s nice to turn on 107.9. Keep it up. Hope you guys stay around for a long time. We’ll save money on satellite radio.Blames signsThe truck accident recently was actually not caused by the truck driver, it was caused by poorly marked signs saying the construction was going on and that I-70 was going into one lane before Edwards, because there were no signs before the Avon exit to give people a choice to get off the Avon exit and go to Edwards instead of all funneling down into that mess by Edwards. There was only just a few signs and some cones and no flashing lights of any kind, and when it started raining, no one could see just cones. It was just poorly marked, that’s why that accident happened, and I’ll vouch for that. I’ll even call the trucking company and tell them, because I drove through there before it happened. If people would have known ahead of time, there wouldn’t have been so many cars funneling into that one lane.Great bandI just want to say I caught Peter Knobel’s concert on with Lez Zeppelin, and they were awesome, and then there was this other band on the bill that was called Defying Gravity and they were phenomenal, but they only had a half hour set, and I was just wondering when this band was going to headline 8150, because they were just awesome.Vail, Colorado

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