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Gas reliefIt is encouraging to hear that a discount liquor business is to open adjacent to Avon’s big box stores. As will be the case of Costco selling less expensive gasoline, the entry of lower cost competition may at last offer reasonable cost for liquors and gasoline in our marketplace. These two opportunities for healthy competition are long overdue.Great event”Youth Battle of the Bands”. This is the Collinidvikowski family just calling to say what a great event that was, and thanks to the folks that put it together at the Wolcott Yacht Club and to all the supporters of that. It was a great event of 20 bands competing and was really just a good evening, so we just want to thank everyone that helped support it. Also, Oliver Farley for spearheading it and hopefully we can do it again. Hopefully the local community will continue to support the youths on their musical quests, because certainly all of these kids that were there were driven and committed to the music and for the love of it.Great event IIA huge thank you to Jan Jouflas of the Wolcott Yacht Club and Joe Hoy and the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office for the Youth Battle of the Bands competition held Tuesday night at the Yacht Club. It was a great competition, held in a “substance free” environment, and even with threatening skies and occasional downpours, there was a good turnout of both kids and adults, with a good time being had by all. Our kids need more of these venues to get together and display their talents. Let’s hope this event will be repeated again soon! Thanks, Jan!Faux rodeoDear Eagle County Commissioners & Eagle County Fair & Rodeo Board of Directors.Get Real! You claim that you are hosting a “Real Rodeo” and that you all deserve the thanks for figuring out how to organize this. First of all Meadow Mountain and Squaw Creek were the areas for the local orginal rodeo gatherings way before 1939, you might try talking to the Nottinghams, the Eatons, the Jouflaus’s, the Gates and more of our notable local families in order to get your historical facts straight (show some respect!). The emphasis on “Real Rodeo” in all of your brochures, radio ads, and newspaper advertising is an insult to your tax-paying constituents and ranchers who live throughout the valley and just as important to us your rodeo volunteers who have also supported the Beaver Creek Resort CO. Rodeo for years (who by the way closes their successful weekly rodeo down during the week of Eagle County Fair & Rodeo in order to show support to your event and in friendship, which allows us as volunteers to come and help/guide you on how to organize your event). It’s an interesting fact that the majority of your contestants are Beaver Creek Resort Co. Rodeo weekly contestants. We also recall the years of bringing in sheep for your mutton busting event, gathering young stock for your petting zoo, and even bringing in the kids to help in the way of entertainment during your slack periods of the event. Do you remember?!?!? So, we believe it’s long over due that you should be “thanking” the community and acknowleding by name the local volunteers who have given years of service to help, Beaver Creek Resort Co., these local cowboys, their kids, their families and all the “real” people who make this possible for your glory. Get “real” yourself before claiming you are hosting a “real” rodeo.3 for 4-HThree cheers to all the 4-H’ers at the Eagle County Fair. If you haven’t been down there to see all the animals, there’s more to the Fair than the Rodeo. Go see all the hard work they did. Three cheers!

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