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Welcome windI would like to thank Vail Resorts and Rob Katz for finally doing something worthwhile in terms of the wind power initiative that they are spearheading and I think that’s finally something great that Vail can be really proud of. This is Swimmer.Errant two-wheelerThis is to the bicyclist that was right on Highway 6 in Minturn. Why don’t you stay on the side of the shoulder instead of riding right in the traffic and riding almost so close to the guy’s bumper. If he had to stop for wildlife or someone crossing, you would have went through the window or over their car, and then to pass and cut in front of another one, then you wonder why people get upset at some of you bicyclists.TAP rapCost of living, my eye. It’s always been expensive to live in Eagle County, yet many teachers have managed to establish their homes and careers here. It’s just a convenient excuse for the School District to explain away their astronomical turnover rate. The inconvenient truth is that teachers are fed up with the heavy-handed, top down, ‘my way or the highway’ paradigm demanded by TAP and implemented by the current administration and board. Until teachers are respected, valued and treated as professionals, the revolving door will continue to whirl.Hands outHey Arn. While you’re raising taxes to get better pay for health care workers, why don’t you go ahead and see if you could raise taxes as well and raise pay for waiters and waitresses. Come on, we need a break too.Tax questionSo let me get this straight, Roger Brown. You’re normally not for a tax increase, and you would normally vote against a tax increase, but in the case of the child-care tax increase, you’re for it because the second-home owners will pay for it, and not you. So I see. You’re not for a tax increase that affects you, but you’re for tax increases that only affect other people. That’s a real principled way of looking at it, isn’t it? So raise anybody else’s taxes and not mine, and then I’m for it. Good job, Roger Brown.Dirty waterMy name’s Rod and I live on Nottingham Lake and I walk around the lake every day, and I just want to let you know that the big lake is pretty clean, they try to keep that clean, but the smaller lake right next to the big lake, that’s just a pit. I’ve never seen so many bottles and trash everywhere. We’ve called many times, and no one’s done anything about it. There’s trash everywhere in that thing. If they could clean that up, that’d be great.

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