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Fan clubI just want to say that the nominees for the county court judge are ridiculous. It is obvious that the board has an agenda and they chose three women. Everybody knows that Gregory W. Crittenden should not only go to the governor, but he should also become the judge, and it’s a shame that there isn’t a way to get his name to Gov. Owens without going through the board, since they obviously have something against him. But everybody needs to know that Greg Crittenden should definitely be the new county court judge.What’s the hurry?I was just wondering what the extreme emergency could have possibly been to the Avon cop Saturday night at 9 that was heading up Wildridge Road off of Nottingham. I sat at the stop sign coming down the hill and the cop completely ran the stop sign at 30 mph, tires squealing the whole way around, and almost side swiped me with his blue lights flashing, chasing obviously somebody up the hill. I didn’t see anybody doing over 100, or a fire up there. Just wondering what could have been so important that a cop’s willing to risk taking somebody else out by blowing through the stop sign. Maybe you want to think a little bit more before you go blowing through that officer. Have a nice day. Drive safe.Vail, Coloraod

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