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Filthy pondI’d like to know when the Avon Recreation Center is going to clean up the small pond right next to Nottingham Lake. It’s just filthy. They need to clean that up. They haven’t touched that since probably last year.Pay your own wayI’d like to respond to “The kids are worth it, talking once again about the program to stick your hand in my pocket and take more money. Beyond what I already pay to the public school system, then what I already pay so my child can actually get an education that I feel comfortable and secure with. So now I pay two sets of fees in order to generate for my family, and I work hard to execute on that plan. If you are a young person and you would like to get married and live here, and have children, I guess you’d better find a way to make it happen. This is America. We take responsibility for our own actions. I couldn’t move here until I had fulfilled a certain amount of my work experience so that I could get a position when I arrived here that allowed me to pay my bills. Why, just because you’re a young family, you have a right to live here because you feel like it, or you want to, is beyond understanding and is certainly indefensible. I’m happy you want to live here. I would like to live in Laguna Beach, or a penthouse apartment in New York City. But I couldn’t do either until I got older and saved money and I pay my own bills. It’s not right that you want to live here and you think that therefore you have a right to stick your hand in my pocket to pay your child-care bills. I would think about it. If you can’t afford to live here, then you can’t live here. I don’t know why that’s such an impossible thought here in Happy Valley. It applies to every other city in America.Parking hogsI passed space after space in the Vail parking structure where an SUV was blocking a parking spot because the driver was too lazy to park in between the lines. The “lot full” sign was out by 10 a.m., but there must have been 50-75 extra spaces taken up by these lazy drivers. It’s bad enough that SUV drivers are funding terrorists with their gas guzzlers, so at least they could try taking up only one space per vehicle. The Vail Police Department should issue parking spaces for two-space parkers.Free-for-allThis is for all those people that run that stop sign over by Berry Creek, both stop signs. The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office should get out there and write some tickets. Do something about it. Ninety-five percent of the people do not stop there. It’s ridiculous. So why don’t you do something about it?Vail, Colorado

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