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SubheadI attended the Junior Livestock Sale at the fair, and I was very happy with the building. It’s just a gorgeous building for the 4-H. Two of the commissioners came and did a ribbon cutting to open the building, and I was surprised that Tom Stone was not there. I found that the person who had been most instrumental in getting that building up and running and has supported the 4-H kids his entire term had a daughter that was getting married. It surprised me that the other two commissioners couldn’t accommodate the time so that Tom Stone, the person who has worked so hard all this term for the children in Eagle County and the 4-H and over at the fairgrounds to get things done, wasn’t accommodated to be there. That’s just not right.Needs workNottingham Park looks terrible. The management needs to walk around it just to see what the employees are not doing. I blame the managers. I hope I’m not the only one who sees it. It’s a conspiracyI’m sitting here reading Sunday’s Tipsline. I see “A great event” talking about Gypsum Daze. The editor’s note states downvalley news is covered first and mainly by the Eagle Valley Enterprise, and they do a pretty good job, too. Pretty funny how the Enterprise covers downvalley events in the Vail Valley and they even charge residents in Gypsum and Eagle for the Enterprise where it’s free upvalley. Pretty interesting, don’t you think?Editor’s note: True, an Enterprise will set you back a quarter.Denver’s higher… Last time we all checked, Denver actually sat about 300 feet higher than Grand Junction. Vail, Colorado

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