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Go figureSo we protect out-of-county ranchers – Bair Ranch – with our tax money, but we steal from local ranchers when they live here? Go figure. Stolen: The town of Gypsum has settled its water rights fight with Gypsum Creek rancher, Ned Goldsmith. “I felt like I was negotiating with a gun held to my head,” he said. Stolen: Water front property in Eagle. “The town filed a court petition to acquire this land on July 7, after unsuccessful attempts to purchase the land from the landowner. … The parcel is located on the Eagle River.” And of course the town of Avon, who needs public busing for her illegal alien workers, by utilizing legalized theft of private property., aka condemnation, aka eminent domain.Sounding offAvon, do not have above-ground crossings for the railroad. All that means is more horns blasting throughout the valley. …Getting tiredWhat is with the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo? It’s a joke. The last six or seven years it has done nothing but gone downhill. I think as taxpayers, we have a right to get our money’s worth. It seems to me like maybe they need some new announcers, new acts, new stock, the same old thing is getting old.Soon … snow!The happiest thought of the day: Nine to ten weeks until ski season starts. Yeah!Commie takeoverI don’t understand people who want to go spend their money in Russia, in China, when they’re out to get us. To destroy the United States. It ain’t going to be by war; it’s going to be by economic power. Look what China’s doing. Start spending your money at home.Need anotherIt’s 6 o’clock in the evening and I’m just coming out of City Market in Eagle, and I cannot believe that whoever’s in charge of traffic flow in this town can’t figure out that they need a roundabout here at the highway entrance a whole lot more than they need one at Eagle Ranch. Sure hope they get on that soon, because this is a little ridiculous.Thanks!Thank you to the couple that found our binoculars on Second Street in Gypsum and for putting the ad in the paper. … May God bless you.Vail, Colorado

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