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Pricey barnIs the new $4 million white elephant just going to sit there or are horse people that have paid for the $4 million dollar leaking building allowed to use it to exercise their horses that they pay a fortune for to keep in Eagle County? Gee, it would be really nice if the commissioners would let us know what they built the 4-H barn for. Seems like a lot of money for 4-H animals.Concentration campI’m a senior at the Golden Eagle Apts. and we just got a new list of rules and it sounds like they’re trying to make a concentration camp out of this place. We do pay rent, and we aren’t feeble. Can’t shake a rug out? Can’t have a dog over to visit you with a friend? I thought that was supposed to be a healthy thing in the real world. Commissioners, get a heads up.Tricky Arn?If I’m not part of the decision making process when people decide to have children, then I shouldn’t be expected to help pay for them. Also, isn’t it quite convenient that Arn Menconi just happens to have two toddlers who will be in need of child care? Something to think about, folks.BrainwashedThe primary where Joe Lieberman lost in Connecticut, if the American people that are Democrats or Republicans vote strictly for their party, and not for the best person, I’m sorry, but they’re kind of brainwashed. I’m a third-generation Democrat and I’ve never voted straight Democrat. If there’s a Republican in there I like, I may vote for him. It’s been a long time since I was brainwashed to vote for Ronald Reagan back when he ran for President, and look what happened in the Iran, selling missiles to them for hostages. Look at the (mess) we’re in now because of that. Nobody’s bringing this up, we sold technology to the Iranians to get our hostages out so Reagan could win elections. Stuck in VailTipsline’s been busy because traffic is completely stopped. 43 minutes to go from Eagle-Vail to West Vail. The roads are closed up for no reason. You get up there, there’s one person standing there, it’s down to one lane, the cars are stopped the whole way, and absolutely for no reason. Thanks, CDOT, you guys are just doing a great job. You’re just making my summer. The busiest couple weeks of the year and you are closing lanes for no reason. Thanks.Bus timeIt’s that time of year again. Bus routes can be found online at or by contacting 328-2742. Your local school will also post routes in their front windows for your convenience. Please be sure to watch for students and remain stopped when school bus lights are flashing red. We’re still looking for drivers. Call 328-6321 for further info. Have a safe fall.Hiking 101I would like to amend your hiking helper tips. I think we should replace the GPS unit and cell phone with perhaps a map and a compass and a good knowledge of how to use both. Perhaps the California flight factor on the cell phone use is why most of these people are getting into trouble. It’s not like walking to the city park. Keep that in mind.WaterwiseFree gas. To all of you who complain about $3+ gas, here’s a way to drive for free 1. Buy the most expensive bottle of bottled water you can find. A liter will probably cost you $3+. 2. Drink it, but save the bottle. 3. Fill the bottle up with municipal water for free, carry it around and drink from it. 4. Every time you take a drink, tell people you don’t know how good this is. 5. If you drink two bottles of water a day, that’ll get you two gallons of gas for free. Drive on that, and quit complaining. Remember, Evian spelled backwards is Naive. You’re boring.

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