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EthanologyInternal combustion and greenhouse gases. To the lady who wants ethanol to eliminate greenhouse gases, here’s a clue. 1. Ethanol, any internal combustion end product, whether it’s ethanol or gasoline is C02 and water. So if you’re worried about C02, which you really shouldn’t be, you’re going to produce the same amount of C02 per unit of BPU using ethanol in an internal combustion engine as you are going to use gasoline. Next point, if you’re paying two bucks for ethanol a gallon, or you’re paying three bucks a gallon for gasoline, and the fuel mileage with ethanol is 30 percent less than you get with gasoline, you’re paying the same amount of money per mile, lady. That’s the truth. Everybody’s entitled to an opinion on what I should be able to drive but what I should be careful expressing opinions.Tax suckersIt’s no surprise. This is in response to Mr. Lasky who’s against repealing the estate tax. The CPA and MBA doesn’t like the idea of us getting rid of the estate tax so a large part of his business will evaporate and people will not have to waste their good money or their time dealing with ridiculous issues. By the way, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet give away half of their estates in foundations, but they’re essentially running control. Hey folks, that’s our money. That half they gave away? They would have had to pay in taxes. Now they don’t have to pay any estate taxes, and yet they’re also against the elimination of the estate tax. You guys are trying to sucker people. Mr. Lasky, I hope they get rid of the estate tax.

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