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Ruler smack!This tip is for all teachers and principals. Please do not chew gum while in the classroom with students. It’s disgusting, unprofessional, against school rules, and sends the wrong message to students. Also, please do not swig soda or Red Bull while in the classroom with students. Lastly, please do not give students candy as a reward. This is from a concerned parent who knows that your actions speak louder than words.Taxed to deathAll I read about in the paper is increasing property taxes for every cause that comes along. I’m one of those liberal lifelong Democrats and it pains me to say this, but perhaps the only fair way to increase taxes is on food. That way if you’re feeding seven mouths, you get taxed seven times. If you’re only feeding one mouth, you get taxed one time. To me that sounds like the only fair way to do it, even though it’s a bad solution. This ever increasing spiral of property tax increases has got to stop now. Many of us who live here, not as second homeowners, but as long-time locals who have struggled to get a piece of property, are now being taxed out of the valley, and the people who benefit the most, mainly the illegals, are getting a free ride.Here to stayThomas Anderson wrote a nice letter to the editor describing what our next president is going to need to do. I agree with many things he said. However, when he talks about illegal aliens and people coming from Mexico and other countries that want to come here and work, and then they don’t want to stay, they want to go back home to their families, is ludicrous. People who move to a community establish roots. They make friends. They buy homes. They learn to like the community they’re in, just like Americans. People from Mexico are not that different. Once they move to a place, they are going to want to establish roots and live in this country. To suggest otherwise is foolish.Absent copsI’m a citizen of Eagle County, and I was wondering why our police department is sitting here looking for drunk drivers, where were they at when the theft was going on down at Costco? They took half a million dollars. That’s embarrassing to our department, and I wish they’d do something about that.The real problemIf there weren’t so many illegal workers in the valley there would be plenty of money for early childcare and schools already in the budget. So to save hundreds of millions, it would be a lot cheaper just to have the county check the I.D. and Social Security number of everybody that works in the valley, and that would save hundreds of millions of dollars.Sad conditionsI have to agree with the Sunday Tipsline concentration camp description of the Golden Eagle Apartments. Staff and maintenance workers from the top down have caused depressions and general sadness among the residences. Where is that happy home feeling everyone wants to have in their last years? Who is accountable?Think snowThis is for the gentleman who is really excited about the nine to ten weeks until ski season. The person leaving this tip went skiing on August 18th. Cheers to ya.Involved parentIn response to the article about Stone Creek Elementary School, I have to say that I take great offense to disparaging comments made about Meadow Mountain Elementary School. As a very involved parent at MMES and on behalf of the other very involved parents at MMES, I do not recall the parent quoted in this article as ever attending meetings such as P.T.A., S.A.C., Wild West Days, Luncheon for the Arts, etc., much less volunteering on a regular basis. I would also like to point out that this parent states, and I quote, “whereas in the public school system, you don’t have a lot of parental involvement.” I thought Stone Creek Elementary was purporting itself to be a public school. I think this is proof positive that the perception that the charter schools are just private schools funded by public money, my money, is a valid argument. I want to thank the administration, teachers, and fellow parents that are fighting the good fight for MMES. They are truly dedicated to our children and their success. It would be so easy to leave this seemingly difficult situation and just follow the crowd, but then what lesson are we teaching our children by not showing them something they believe in is something worth fighting for.Pee tricksSki season’s upon us and the random drug testing is about to start again. There are hundreds of over-the-counter and legally prescribed drugs that will cause drug testing false positives. Standard drug tests fail to distinguish between legal substances and illegal substances. You will test positive for marijuana if you take Ibuprofen, Advil, Nupren, Motrin, Excedrin, if you have kidney infections and are taking medication. If you take Aleve you will test positive for marijuana. You will test positive for amphetamines if you take Nyquil, Contac, Sudafed, Allerest, Tavis-D, Dimetap, Robitussin, Vicks Inhalers, etc. You will test positive for opiates if you take Tylenol with Codeine or any prescribed pain medication. So for everybody out there who are taking these random drug tests, make sure and watch your back, make sure these people who are giving you the test know that you are taking these other medications, especially if you’re involved with the court system, because that can land you back in jail.Handi-spotsI’m calling because of the serious lack of handicapped parking space in the east and west Ford parking lot, and Town of Vail truck #202 is currently parked in one of those handicapped spots, and when the gentleman got out of his truck, he certainly didn’t appear to be handicapped. Just trying to look out for the handicapped people of this valley and try to get them more spots and just trying to get them used appropriately.Clean sweepI just wanted to know why the county was out sweeping state highways when they could be doing their own jobs.Love the JensensI just wanted to comment on your Bill Jensen coverage yesterday. We are so very fortunate to have both he and Cheryl staying here, and knowing both of them personally, they are just among the top people around here, so I just wanted to say hats off and we are so very fortunate.

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