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CounterfeitsWhy does the Minturn Farmer’s Market allow counterfeit goods to be sold? The town attorney has been aware of this problem for years, and does nothing about it. Counterfeit handbags, fake Louie Vuitton, Gucci, etc. have been sold there for many years. He has been notified and it is an offense to do that. Aside from fining the people who are selling these illegal counterfeit goods, the city could be responsible as well as the individuals involved. In addition, it really cheapens the market and visitors from the country look at this and view our valley in a very negative way. Why is it that the town attorney does nothing to counteract that and has been notified by the legal departments of some of the major designers and still refuses to do anything?Obey the lawsIf the cyclists are so adamant that we as drivers share the road with them, then they need to definitely start sharing traffic laws, sharing traffic signs, stop signs, stop lights, to be responsible, and then we can all get along.Parking covenant?I am calling because I’m curious as to why the covenant restricting the use of the Lionshead parking structure hasn’t been mentioned in any of the articles that I’ve read. Maybe I’ve been missing an article, but so far as I understand it, the covenant restricts any use on that property to a parking structure and if the use is anything but a parking structure, ownership of that parcel reverts back to Vail Resorts, meaning that the Town of Vail doesn’t really own the property, certainly doesn’t own it free and clear. There’s substantial restrictions to that property which at least in my opinion means the parking structure deal is one that can’t be passed up. In any event, I would like to see some commentary on that point and I think it makes the debate a lot more interesting.Scum alert!This is a scumbag thief alert to the scumbag who stole my CD’s and change out of the window of my car in my parking lot in Intermountain this past weekend. Just give me back my CD’s and my visor and you can make copies and keep all my pennies, because who thought we lived in a place like this, scumbag?Poison poopTo Eagle Colorado dog owners: I am tired of cleaning up after your dog before I have to cut the lawn or do any yard work, so here’s the deal. I’ve just sprayed my yard with an insecticide that is highly toxic to dogs, so if you let your dog wander loose in Eagle and crap on everybody’s lawn, please be careful. If you value your dog’s health and/or life, please keep it under control, and if it should become ill and/or die, don’t blame me. Blame yourself. Accept the responsibility for controlling your dog. Thank you.Bear huntsThe spring bear hunt that you published a letter about that maybe they should be introduced in today’s paper were abolished because they’re inhumane. The mother bears are killed and then their cubs die of starvation because they’re abandoned, and the only reason they’re killed is for the blood lust of that wonderful sportsman, so to even put a letter in here that spring bear hunts should be brought back is barbaric. It’s inhumane, it’s unconscionable, and why you even give somebody like that room is unbelievable.Look both ways!Parents, please, please, remind your children that even though it’s a crosswalk in the street, they have to check and make sure the car is going to stop before they just ride out in front. Please, please remind them.Suicide helpThat was a great idea that you guys were exposing the whole suicide rate in Colorado, but one thing you were missing is the 1-800-SUICIDE number for people that are actually needing the help. Being a suicide survivor myself, I think it would be great to expose those things and that people do need help, so maybe you could do an article that you could put information to actually help people and maybe lower those numbers.Lab factsTo the person that wrote “pee tricks,” that’s the most moronic thing I’ve ever heard. Ive worked in a lab for three years now and nothing is going to make you test positive for marijuana except t.h.c. which is ONLY found it marijuana. The same is also true for amphetamines. I think you need to take it easy on the pipe and educate yourself properly on the subject. Ryedady

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