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Adding to problemPeople, when you make your next trip to China or Russia, see how they’re creating the Iranian nuclear situation. They don’t want to do anything, of course, because China gets cheap oil from Iran, and Russia doesn’t want to do anything because they sell technology to Iran, and they’re big trading partners. So before you spend your hard-earned money over there, see how much of it goes to Hamas and the Russians’ pockets. …HydroplaningI just got off work and I’m driving down the wonderful I-70 corridor between West Vail and Eagle-Vail, obviously a place that was engineered by people who don’t understand the concept of drainage. And as I pass through the South Frontage Road in Vail, which seems to be just fine at this point, they’re completely redoing the entire section of it and repaving it and spending all this time, money and effort on that road as opposed to the one that is probably the most dangerous stretch on I-70. My question is, who are the people that engineered this, who are the people that make the decision to redo roads, and who is not allocating our taxpayers’ money and funds correctly and catering more towards the resort towns than safety on our roads? This is just a concerned local that is tired of hydroplaning every time there is rain through this area.How could you?It is disgusting that you put an advertisement for guns and a gun trainer in your newspaper without placing a balanced argument against guns and what they do in society.

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