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Just a movie, geezThis is regarding the “Horrified” call-in in Tipsline. She’s horrified that our theaters still have not brought the movie “World Trade Center” to our town. First of all, if you’re the movie company, you have three copies of the movie and you have L.A., San Diego, New York, and Denver, then you’ve got little Vail. You’d probably send them to the bigger cities. Then, the week after that, when there’s more prints released, you probably think about the other little theaters, and then the week after that when there’s more prints released, they’ll probably get to most of the theaters. Also, if they would just read in the movie times in the newspaper, it says coming soon, “World Trade Center,” and if she’s horrified over movies, I think that’s ridiculous. …Challenge to Vail… A big tip of the hat to Keystone Mountain for providing the best mountain bike experience south of the Canadian border … and a shameful wag of the finger to Vail Mountain’s operations team for failing to address the need to embrace the exponentially growing sport of downhill/free-ride mountain biking. Yes, cater to the visitor with young children and the aging Vail founders, but don’t neglect the growing number of extreme recreational visitors whose dollars keep our resort above water in the future. If you claim world-class, back it up year-round and build worthy trails instead of closing existing ones.I’m gratefulThis is the answer to the “Concentration” Tipsline. I want to say that you don’t speak for all the seniors and the solution to your problem is for you to move. Then maybe you’ll quit your griping. As a senior, I’m grateful for a beautiful place to live and to not have to worry that I will be taken care of.Wound tightHey to the lady in that green Toyota truck with the YM license plates which means you’ve been here for probably as long as I have, 34 years, I didn’t retain my YM license plates, but you’ve obviously been here more than 25. I know you’re a little frustrated because you live in Edwards, I live in Vail, and you probably put up with all sorts of traffic problems down there because it’s another world. But I did have the right of way by cutting into the right lane there from Wendy’s to get onto the highway and you freaked out about that like I did something wrong, which I didn’t, and carried it on all the way to the interstate and did the verbal window little thing there as I passed you. But I don’t think you should get that uptight. …Micromanager?I’m hearing a lot of tips about Nottingham Park not being clean and in order, and Avon Public Works has a brand new truck, but he’s just driving around Wildridge, over and over again, not really doing anything. So he should probably use some of that time to clean up Nottingham Park. Wake up, Avon. Call the Town Council to task. You’ve got a lot of budgetary spending in this town that seems to be absolutely unnecessary. …Photo opI think it’s good that the Vail Police are using that dummy on the side of the road and it does slow some people down, but I think that when two 40-year-old ladies are taking pictures of it, pulled off the side of the road, it might make it a little less effective in slowing people down. Maybe not, maybe that’s what they were going for, more tourist attractions or whatever.Meth positiveYou can’t test positive for marijuana unless it has THC in it, but if you do take Sudafed, which contains Ephedrine, you will test positive for meth.Vail, Colorado

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