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Keep Fido at home

I don’t understand what all the poop is about parks and dogs and kids and people. Dogs are dogs. They don’t belong in, near or around crowds of children or people, and they certainly don’t belong in parks. Even if you clean up your feces, there’s still feces left in the grass, and when kids roll around in it, oh it just makes them smell so sweet. Awful, disgusting, and even the older people can’t figure it out. There are big signs at the Vail ball fields, “No Dogs,” and there are more dogs than people.

Eagle has a good way: If you bring your dog, the team forfeits. There are no dogs at the Eagle ball fields. Imagine that. Please leave your dogs at home. We don’t want any lawsuits. We don’t want any feces.

The only answer

Just calling about seeing Dillon Reservoir full, which is a wonderful thing. I know we’re not out of a drought, but the only thing we can really do is to slow down population growth. People have to stop having so many kids and that’s the only way that Mother Nature is going to be able to keep up with the population expansion. So, everybody just practice a little abstinence and let Mother Nature get us back on par.

Too much

I don’t really understand what the problem is in this valley when we have economic problems, we’re willing to spend $45,000-$50,000 for a fireworks display, which will last for a short time. It’s all smoke, and nothing else, and that would pay someone or two persons or three persons’ salary for a year to do good work for the town. Let’s put our economic hat on and stop thinking about these ridiculous smoke-filled entertainment opportunities.

Time for change

I enjoyed your Wednesday article about wind power but I felt that there were a couple of important points that you left out. First of all, fossil fuels will not last forever. The prices will continue to rise until we have well approached the prices of wind or even solar power. George “Wasteful” Bush’s tax breaks, the people driving huge gas-guzzling vehicles will only speed this day along. Also, the set-up costs for renewable energy sources may seem daunting, but in my mind they’re nothing compared to the pristine wildlands happily trampled for oil. Wake up people, fossil fuels are a thing of the past, and not worth their price in war and pollution. The time for change is now.

Rough editions

It’s Tim Rice, not Tony Rice; you get burned, not gurned; and it would be nice to see pictures of people where you can actually see their faces. Stevie Wonder would do a better job of laying out the paper than you people do.

Lend a hand, please

My name is Hannah. I’m actually calling about the Tipsline regarding “Timing is everything.” I work for BFI waste removal, which does all of the pickup in Minturn, and I would just like to reply and tell everyone that it would be wonderful if we could all put our trash out at 7 a.m. throughout Eagle County. My drivers don’t start until 7 a.m., and the timing does change, so if everyone could cooperate and we could get this figured out, we wouldn’t have trash all over the place or cans tipped over. So, lend out a helping hand. It takes all, not just one.

Can’t take it

I’ve lived in the Vail Valley for 13 years and the past year – no, I guess it’s like the past three months – the music, the radio stations here have gotten so bad, I can’t even stand it. Where are my CDs? Please help me.

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