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WahI have a tip that maybe we need to get some new sheriff’s employees in this town because I had a minor incident in a roundabout where I had a bunch of stuff spill out of my truck all over the roundabout right below Home Depot. I had a sheriff’s employee drive right past me, didn’t stop and offer to give me a hand or turn on his lights or anything and I think that’s B.S. because we pay for them and they don’t help us out. Business burdenThis is in regards to Ms. Noble’s letter, “Beyond day care.” Ms. Noble is quite naive in her $32 tax increase for a $400,000 home. Commercial real estate (businesses) will pay in Colorado three times the residential rate if this tax proposal passes. Does she not think businesses will increase prices to cover this additional tax burden? Noisy bikesI saw another valley resident tired of listening to illegal motorcycle noise. Many communities actually enforce their noise ordinances because of the abuse suffered by posers on their obnoxious, loud, over-chrome machines. More noise is not an indication of more power, so what is it that they’re trying to prove? Do they consider it a form of freedom of speech, do they assume people in hearing distance appreciate being irritated by the desperate need to draw attention to themselves? Do they think that since they all must dress identically they’re expressing freedom? If they took off the earplugs, would they like the noise as much? When indulging in a rare morning to sleep in, do Harley owners love being woken up by a Harley driving by? When entertaining friends at their home, do they love not being able to hear because of clubs of Harleys driving by? … Vail, Colorado

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