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Grateful for Kaye

Once again I’d like to reiterate, you go, Kaye Ferry. At least you have a voice and you speak your convictions. This is really important. When I was a child, my grandfather said to me, If you don’t stand for something, you don’t stand for anything. … I’m sure that she was quite aware that the Big Wheel Classic wasn’t to benefit her business. I’m sad that people have to be so petty and so vindictive with one another.

I applaud the Michael Cacioppos and the Kaye Ferrys, although I may not always agree with their thoughts or their opinions or their attitudes about political and village business. I applaud the fact that we live in a country that allows us to say those things.

Independence Day is Friday. This is the height of independence. I’m glad I live in America, and I’m grateful for people like Kaye Ferry. Give her a pat on the back.

Made to order

Alan Braunholtz’s column on fast food was right on the money. If you’re a parent, the most important book you can ever read is “Fast Food Nation.” and every parent should read it. They’ll think twice about taking their child to (a fast food restaurant) and they’ll think three times before ever letting them work there.

Struck a chord

Don, don’t beat yourself up over Jim Dorsey’s high and mighty critique of you. You give him way too much credit and way too much room on the letters page. He’s just a wannabe columnist with nothing to say who lusts after Kaye Ferry’s space.

We’re not trapped by our perception. He’s so fond of quoting the dictionary that maybe he should look up “perception.” It means “the act or faculty of apprehending by means of the senses or the mind – cognition – understanding.” Perception is a good thing. Without it we wouldn’t comprehend anything. He is trapped not by his perception, but by his preconceptions and his partisanship. And what’s with his tirade against Kaye Ferry?

What he calls a narrow subject, the fate of Vail and its merchants, is actually the engine that pulls the train we all live on. Maybe he’s too high up on his cloud to notice. If we must endure his ego sermons, at least please, please edit them.

That’s a crime, too

I’m looking at June 25th’s Vail Daily, and it says “Cops plead guilty to porn.” It’s amazing who they’ll put badges on these days. If only people knew what kind of clowns we have here who are cops, who haven’t been busted yet for all their BS that they’ve been doing around Eagle County. Oh, but wait, they want to get your kids for drinking a beer. Imagine that.

Music critic

I agree with “can’t take it” on the radio stations. They do stink. They ought to take some tips from Denver, on the KOOL 105 station with the ’60s and the ’70s, COZY’s easy listening music, and their Eagle radio station down there. Their music’s better down there than what we have up here. This is terrible.

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