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Wrong conclusion

This is in regard to the local businesses that think that local skiers are driving away high-end clients. I would like to read the excerpt from the Vail Daily. “The way this is going, we are starting to hear from our high-end clients that they are no longer coming to a resort that caters to the upper end destination skier.” One of the local businesses.

Well, allow me to retort. Short of requesting that CDOT place a retinal scan at the tunnel entrance which would deliver a captive bolt to the brain of all non-high-end tax fattened hyenas and then hurl their bodies into the hills, short of doing that, how exactly should we keep these duct-taped wearing belching hordes of Philistines from invading the sparkling town of Vail?

May I offer a different perspective of why the sales of lace-trimmed panties and diamond toilet paper holders have dropped? Could it be the economy crashed and Bill and Buffy had to sell their fourth home at a loss? That they might have reassessed their spending and taken a look at their priorities? If your stores sold something like locally made products and environmentally and financially respectful merchandise, then maybe more people would shop there.

Compared to cities?

I’m just wondering how the high-density housing in Eagle County stacks up against an urban area, say New York City. I’m wondering how many people per block in certain areas of Eagle-Vail, Wildridge, where a lot of this low density, even the new Buffalo Ridge complex in Avon, how many people per square block, say, live in those high density areas in Eagle County and what that number would be for New York City, Chicago, Santa Barbara, you know, I’m just curious if we’re way higher or way lower.

Um, state decision

Can you believe it? Eagle County no longer has a Division of Motor Vehicles. If you want to get a driver’s license or get your tags renewed without mailing them in, you’ve got to make a trip to Glenwood Springs or Frisco. What do you think about that? And how’s that for the best-run county of Colorado? What’s up? We don’t even rate a motor vehicle’s office? I can’t believe it.

Flying off handle

So the Eagle County has a third operations manager in two years. Furthermore, the airport has gone through three airport managers in two years. When are the people of Eagle County going to realize that this is strictly due to the incompetence of County Administrator Jack Ingstad? The airlines are getting tired of the revolving door at the airport administration office, and when someone good finally stakes a claim, good old boy Jack is there to run them off. He is personally responsible for the turnover at the airport, and someone needs to step in. Unfortunately, it won’t be Jack’s biggest ally, Tom Stone. Tom uses his boy Jack as a hatchet man, and keeps his hands clean and his mess at the airport.

Altitude adjustment

I started a recipe for Pineapple Upsidedown Cake. Now isn’t that fun. I remember that from when I was a kid. But you have to think before you publish recipes. This is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It doesn’t work in our elevation without making adjustments. It was nice of you to print the recipe, but you should check with a chef here locally to get the high altitude adjustments done when someone’s going to bake this cake now, it’s going to be soggy in the middle.

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