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Dissecting cat pieceI totally agree with Patty Blender. I thought that article on dissecting cats was extremely disgusting. The cat looked just like mine, so it made it more offensive, and the pose that was taken of it was particularly gruesome. Georgie Zinda.We’re slippingI’m really shocked by the people complaining and they’re gong to vote against the early childhood education and the day-care tax for two reasons. First of all, we’re losing jobs overseas. India and China are a great example right there. They’ve really been aggressively educating their children in the past 20 years. We’ve seen it in college and in other places. So to not start education early is kind of economically prohibited. I don’t understand why people feel that way. My second point is that hey, somebody paid for us to go to school when we were children, whether it was day care, primary or secondary education. Now it’s our turn to pay for these kids. These are the kids that are going to be paying for our Social Security, that are going to be providing services and the income to the system when we’re old and decrepit. Tim Indermuehle.Good luck with thatThis is to all the homeowners in Beaver Creek and Bachelor Gulch concerning dump trucks and their jake brakes. We are going to get together and ban trucks to go in there to do any work. They are harassing us so bad that we need to do something. Mark Kolakowski. Vail, Colorado

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