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Had enough of him

OK, by a show of hands out there, how many of you are sick to death of Mr. glass-half-empty Mike Cacioppo? That’s what I thought. Me, too.


I’m just wondering why Vail police didn’t close the westbound on-ramp in West Vail on Wednesday when the wreck happened so the poor people in West Vail weren’t held hostage for four hours. Gridlock is not necessary.

Don’t whine about it

I’d just like to comment about the guy from Eagle that was whining about his $250 speeding ticket in East Vail over at the speed trap. That’s too bad, $250 is a lot of money, but there are plenty of signs and plenty of warning that this was a construction zone and hey, 35 mph, 45 mph, 55 mph, plenty of time to slow down, so hey guy, why don’t you just grow up and follow the laws. Don’t whine to us, you’re the one that made the conscious decision to speed. This is Tim from West Vail, by the way.

Leave “em alone

I just wanted to comment on your best frequent celebrity visitor of Britney Spears, and it says in the text that famous people come to Vail because they get left alone, but how come every time I turn around I hear that Britney Spears is either tanning in Avon or Cameron Diaz is up at Two Elk? I really don’t think the media leaves famous people alone at all when they come to Vail, so I think maybe the media should really leave them alone and maybe more of them will come. This goes for TV 8, radio and newspaper.

Still sleepy

I’m just wondering if Wal-Mart and Home Depot really want business before 8 o’clock in the morning. Yesterday I was at Wal-Mart. It was around 7:30 in the morning. The only way I could checkout was through the customer service stand, so needless to say, the checker had several interruptions while ringing me out, and then this morning I stopped by Home Depot at about 7:30. They didn’t even have a single checker on duty. In order to check out at Home Depot, it was self scan. Now, when I self scan, shouldn’t I get a discount or something?

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