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Gun voteI just received a glossy mailer from Main Steret Colorado attacking Ken Chlouber’s “extremism” because he “voted to allow guns in school.” Chlouber’s vote was to not make school property an exception for persons with valid Colorado concealed weapons carry permits. This poses about as much danger to our kids as allowing armed police on school property. Does Main Street Colorado think that when police respond to a school shooting they should leave their firearms behind? If guns themselves are a danger to school children, then we should have unarmed police respond to armed criminals when the latter enter a school and threaten the students. Lee SmithLOLAm I the only one that had to laugh out loud this morning, when I opened the Vail Daily? On the second or third page I read about a new conservation easement on a ranch over in the Roaring Fork Valley that the Eagle County Commissioners just committed $1.7 million to. I thought that we had spent all of our open space funds, plus $2.7 million dollars of our general fund money, on a gravel pit in Edwards. The article says we have $3 million left in our fund. I think that’s incorrect. I can’t imagine that we have $3.2 million dollars put back into our fund in one year or maybe it might be two years. I think that if we can blow money on this, we certainly can find money in our budget for early childhood education. Thank you. Todd DutyEditors note: Eagle Countys open space fund generates over $3.6 million annually. Those funds are dedicated to spending only on open space.How about ‘pot?’Just find it of interest, I have an Eagle County mail-in ballot, that they’ve chosen on Amendment 44, to spell marijuana with an ‘h’ instead of a ‘j’, which is some other language spelling that is not of this country. I find this very interesting. Our officials decide how they’re going to do things. I don’t think this is a mistake, this was done on purpose so that this Amendment 44, even if it’s approved by the majority of the voters, the citizens of the State of Colorado, will be invalid because of the spelling error. Very interesting. And also, vote YES on Referendum K. Good voting. Dennis Johnson

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