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Taxing questionI was at the Costco in Gypsum this weekend and noticed that the tax down there is 12.4 percent and I was wondering if anyone could answer why the tax is so high down at the Gypsum Costco. Vanessa Curry, Eagle-Vail.Sees the lightQuestion of the day is why do they have several stoplights in Edwards when they should have roundabouts? The rest of the county has roundabouts, but Edwards has stoplights. Whoever put the stoplights here needs to spend some more money and take them down and add some roundabouts, because I would have been out of traffic 10 minutes ago. Jay Brooks. Even wrong thereIn the fact of failures on every front, the Republicans are clinging to their tax cuts as their one thread of hope. But please remember that not only were the cuts skewed toward the rich, they were not cuts at all. They were, rather, simply funds borrowed with interest from your children and grandchildren. Furthermore, we now owe additional trillions to countries that are not our friends, and in some cases, such as the United Arab Emirates, are directly funding international terrorists. A real tax cut is accompanied by a reduction in spending. These tax cuts are nothing but borrowed candy. As Mark Foley would say, let’s turn the page. Chris Mech.Vail, Colorado

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