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A real painI’m just calling because last week my son was able to get a learner’s permit and I was pretty appalled that the only two options to get licenses these days is either in Frisco or in Glenwood Springs. I just don’t understand why we don’t have an office back in Avon. It seems like we keep growing. Anyway, it was very frustrating trying to work this around your child’s high school hours, so if anybody knows if a new office is going to be opened here, I’d sure be curious. Bonnie Vesey.Editor’s note: The state removed the Avon DMV office a few years ago as part of budget cuts.Looking for picI’m calling to contact the gentleman who took a picture of four Ninja Turtles on Halloween around 9:30 at Art’s Bar. We were wondering if he had a copy of that photograph if he could please bring it in to Art’s Bar, because that is the only photograph. Katherine Spangler.Spilled toolsOn Wednesday, Nov. 1, I lost a bunch of tools out of the back of my pickup truck at the entrance to Singletree. Power tools.If somebody finds them, would they please return them to me? I need them to make a living. George Feinman. Vail, Colorado

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