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If you hadn’t heardThis is in response to Vanessa Curry’s Tipsline question regarding taxing at Costco. 8.4 percent is charged on non-food items, and 4 percent is charged on food items, and that’s how you came up with 12.4 percent. It’s not 12.4 percent total. Sara Keegan, Eagle.Armchair editingI was just wondering who has been editing Nicole Frey’s articles because she used the same quote twice and contributed it to two different people in her article, “Avon group needs to counter attack ads.” You might want to get on that. Ellicott Dandy.Anyway, he’s goneI think it’s funny that none of the other news media besides NPR is reporting on the fact that the newspapers of all four branches of the military came out on Monday with a front page headline asking for Rumsfeld’s resignation, and no one’s reporting on this but NPR. My tip is for Republicans to support their party that’s supposed to be so strong on defense and their president can’t even hold the military on their side. … Greg Sisk.What I sawI’m a taxpayer here in Eagle County and I’m supporting all these bond issues, but I don’t like to see Eagle County sheriff’s deputies car-shopping over in Eagle-Vail when they’re on the clock. I don’t think that’s right. Allen ThompsonVail, Colorado

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