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Compiled by Daily staff Figures lieI found Butch Mazzuca’s satire on the state of the economy interesting. I admit, I didn’t understand how his numbers worked, but I did understand that he was saying how great things have been with this administration. Now if I may quote my AARP bulletin, it says, “According to the Federal Reserve Board, Americans for the first time have more debt than disposable income, and households carry an estimated average of $7,253 in credit card debt alone. Meanwhile, the savings rate in the second quarter of 2006 was the second lowest since the Depression.” Now I know you can use numbers to prove anything, and I guess this is a good example. Marlene LuczkowBlame Bush for thatDear Bonnie, calling because your son cannot get a driver’s license in Avon or Eagle County. The reason why is because of your buddy, G.W. Bush. He took office in the year 2000 and he stopped the driver’s license centers around. The budget cuts cut back on jobs and sent the economy in a downward spiral. Maybe in two more years you may have a office back with the Democrats back in charge. You can only hope for the best. Me? G.W. cut my veterans benefits. He said he had to make room for the new Iraq veterans of war. Therefore he cut me out of a piece of the cake and gave it to those guys for now because he has no money to support our troops. Joey Brooks.Editor’s note: The DMV offices are a function of the state of Colorado, not the federal government.Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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