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Don’t need itThe revitalization of Lionshead, those projects are too massive, too claustrophobic, too tall, and why does the town need developers to come in to develop a public piece of land that belongs to the town of Vail? … I’ve been here 38 years. Why is the town succumbing to relinquish their power and their property that belongs to the town, and their revenue? It seems that the town is just giving in to development because they have no other choice, or creativity, or another agenda. We need more parking spaces, but we don’t need more buildings or more condos or more time-shares and all of this that the big developers want to line their pockets with at the expense of us. I live at Red Sandstone North Frontage Road. I enjoy the view … , whether I’m on the highway or on the Frontage Road. I enjoy that I can see Simba or Born Free, the gondola or whatnot. I think that this is absolutely a pissy way of the town making a proposal to integrate new parking. If they’ve got to go six levels down and go down into the earth so far they hit the water line, and then build up from there at a reasonable thing, the town should control the two parking structures that have been here since the 1970s, not knowing that these would be the two major hubs for our parking in the future. So if we had the vision and foresight in the early days, we still have the vision and foresight and don’t need the developer’s vision and foresight, because the developer’s vision and foresight is the bottom-line dollar. I am really tired of projects being conducted towards always sticking multimillion dollar condos on top of their projects because that’s how they recoup back the money. No. Uh uh. No. Lisa Ellis.We’re in good hands I would like to congratulate Sara Fisher and Tom Edwards for the above-board campaign that they both have run. It is delightful to see how they are keeping each other as political allies, but it is a shame to see how bitter Mr. Brown is over his loss. We have a great county, and I think with this type of leadership, it will only approve, and there will always be many different viewpoints. Marilene Morrow.Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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