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Traffic heads up

This is to welcome back all of our guests to the valley and our second-home owners and to remind them that the traffic at the Starbucks has now been rerouted. It’s one way starting at the Burger King going down one way and you exit at the cleaners at the end. Just to let everybody know that. There seems to be a lot of people going the wrong way.


Regarding Mr. Cacioppo’s letter in July 3’s Vail Daily, I was a student at the Eagle County Charter Academy for four years. As you know, they just lost a great role model and teacher, Bobby Silverman. In the time I spent in the school system, all of my teachers were dedicated and willing to give all their knowledge regardless of what they were paid. In my opinion, Cacioppo’s allegation against the school board is outrageous. …. Mr. Cacioppo is just looking for a reason to sue somebody and make trouble. His ignorant comments about who wears the pants in the family makes him look childish. I choose to ignore his ridiculous so-called newspaper and all of the companies who advertise in it. Mr. Cacioppo, I suggest you get a life and move on. I don’t consider you a local watchdog, and I was wondering: So what are your legal fees. Jade Finch Maria of Edwards.

Dump day blues

This is in reference to the mayor and Town Council at the town of Red Cliff. They now want to stop bringing in Dumpsters on free cleanup day because they feel that the people of Red Cliff are abusing the Dumpsters. How can that be? That’s a service that every town provides for the town’s people, and of all the towns in Eagle County, Red Cliff is the one who pays the highest taxes, because the largest percentage, 51 percent, goes back into the town. So why should the town of Red Cliff be upset about the Dumpsters? The only reason they’re upset is because the mayor and her family won’t able to use the Dumpsters, and they had to drive to Wolcott to dump off their trash. Well that’s too darn bad, because they are abusing the taxes because the mayor brought in her daughter and her sister out of state to help on cleanup day and it was the mayor and all her family that got paid for cleaning up the town of Red Cliff. What’s wrong with this picture? The town of Red Cliff needs a new mayor.

Cutting in line

When you’re driving on I-70 and you see the sign that says right lane closed ahead? Just go ahead and stay in that right lane as long as possible until you absolutely have to squeeze over. Because you know what? You might get ahead by 20 or 30 cars. You’re an …, but you’re going to be in front.

Strange tact

I am a female in my 30s who has lived in Eagle County most of my life. I feel safe and secure and know there may be sexual assaults that occur here that are many times swept under the rug.

However, I think it is very odd that our sheriff for Eagle County would go two counties away to acquire an arrest warrant for Koby Bryant. Summit, Garfield, Pitkin and Grand counties are much closer than Clear Creek County. Sexual assault is an awful thing, and I feel for the victim if what she claims truly happened. But there seems to be some odd means in acquiring the arrest warrant whether through the district attorney or through the judge two or more counties away.

Stop sign question

This is in regard to Kaye Ferry’s article asking about the need for a stop sign at Vail Valley Drive and Homestake Circle. I’ve often wondered about this and its purpose, too. It’s interesting to note that Councilwoman Diana Donovan lives at that corner and I hope that Donovan will respond to Kaye’s question about justification for that stop sign.

Not so easy

I think that it was wrong for Sheriff Joe Hoy to go straight to the judge about Kobe Bryant being accused of sexually assaulting the 19-year-old from Edwards.

I just think it was really wrong and he should have done it the right way and treated it just like a normal case. Just because he’s a superstar doesn’t mean that he has to be treated any different from Allan Iverson or your average Joe. …Why don’t they just exonerate him, because I know as any other Laker fan would know that he didn’t really do anything.

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