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Good roadsI’m calling today about the individual that keeps writing in year after year about the roads being bad. Well, the roads are good down in Edwards, they just look like they’re bad, so when you see people driving by, just give ’em a wave, because you’re on the know that the roads are good to go. Two, I’m the guy that keeps complaining about you guys running me over on my bicycle. I’m the guy that keeps complaining about a 4-wheel drive having control with the snow tires. You need good snow tires, and I don’t want to hear you complain about the snow skiers this year either. So there you go, now you know. Have a good day and enjoy your life. I’ll see you around town. Joey BrooksI had called earlier. I forgot to say why don’t they build the fire station at the prison that they built? Everybody calls it the prison here in Vail because it looks like crap. Why don’t they tear that down and put their fire place there instead of picking on Wendy’s, the place that we eat at. They can tear down that ugly looking building that they built. LyndeeJust wanted to leave a comment on a letter written by May Evans in your Nov. 15 issue. Excellent, excellent letter, May. You have said what I have been thinking all along. Good job. Keep up the good work. Tim Savage.TrashedI’d like to thank Traer Creek for getting a small portion of land at the Village of Avon for a dumpster so we can recycle. What I don’t like is the 5-10 percent of the people that are just dumping trash into that. There’s a proper way to recycle and there’s a proper way to dispose of your unwanted goods. This facility is not for unwanted goods that are not recyclable. We just found a Beaver Creek shop manager dumping construction waste and pallets at the store and when he was confronted he thought it was no big deal. Well this comes out of our pocket and everybody else’s pocket and does not do the community any good by dumping trash illegally in spaces that aren’t designated for that. We have a great landfill in Eagle County on U.S. Hwy 131 outside of Wolcott. I think everyone should take advantage of that. If not, find your own dumpster, use your own trash can, but please, do not dump carpet, pallets, lumber and everything else that cannot be recycled at this center. The sign is clearly stated in English and Spanish. It’s funny how some people just figure they can back up a Budget Rent-a-truck and dump their trash. To me that’s just disgusting, and it makes everybody in Eagle County look bad. Mark MiscioUp with Radio FreeRadio Free Minturn. 107.9 on the dial. Incredible. Thank you, Minturn, for another valuable contribution to the valley. It’s a great station. I listen to it all day long now. Thank you very much. Have a great day. Think snow. Denis JohnsonVail Daily, Vail, Colorado CO

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