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Idle time costlyThis is regarding “puffers.” Besides the increased air pollution a car causes when it’s turned on and simply left idling, or puffing, for 30-45 minutes, the waste of energy helps keep gas prices up for all of us. Inconsiderate and irresponsible behavior, and isn’t it also illegal? Donna Pratt.Festive lookingGood morning. Just wanted to congratulate Dave and the Town of Vail on the marvelous job at the roundabout with the colored lights. It really is festive looking, and that’s the way it should be during the holiday season. Good job, fellas. Packy Walker.Nice workI’d like to say thanks again to the town of Avon Public Works Department for doing such a great job of plowing and cindering our roads. They’re always the best. Mike Gallagher.Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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