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Blunt assessmentReading the whines of the Beaver Creek homeowners regarding the proposed Beaver Creek alpine slide reminds me of all the temper tantrums the Spraddle Creek homeowners threw regarding the Middle Creek affordable housing at the main Vail roundabout. Spoiled brats who hate not to get their way. Grow up. Thank you. Steve Johannes.Get a grip, VailI’ve lived in Vail over 40 years. I’m calling because I’m frustrated that it’s taking a lot, I don’t know what it’s going to take, to get the town of Vail to put adequate cinders or rocks on the hills in West Vail, particularly Geneva Drive. It’s more than dangerous. It’s a very steep hill, never seems to have enough cinders on it, and also over here on Garmisch Drive. Thank you very much. Hopefully somebody can do something about it. Sandi Brenden.Safe-driving tipThis is Eric Lea with another tip, and this one comes direct from Dean Paulson, retired Minnesota state trooper. After a snowstorm, clear your windshields and your windows and your hoods so snow doesn’t blow up on your window. Drive safe.Vail Daily, Vail Colorado CO

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