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Now you cover one

I think this whole Kobe Bryant thing is a big joke. There have been numerous, dozens and dozens of sexual assaults that never even made it into the paper. Never even made a conviction or an arrest. All of a sudden a superstar possibly does something like this and it hits the paper. How about all those dozens of poor little girls, most of them under 18 that it happened to? This is the father of one of them. You need to smarten up, Eagle County, and quit being selective in your writing of stories. I’m tired of it. The cops can’t do anything anyway.

Don’t believe it

Just wanted to comment on the newspaper yesterday saying that locals were supporting this woman in the Kobe Bryant scandal. I work with four other women and we discussed it at length, and not a single one of us support this alleged victim, nor does any one in my office. So I don’t know what locals support this woman, but I know six people that don’t believe a word.

Well, poor you

I just want to respond to “stuck in traffic” and to remind people that somebody lost their life there.

Do you really think that you would be more concerned about how long it would take somebody to get from Vail to Eagle-Vail or how long it was going to be before you and your three children were jaws-of-lifed out of your car and taken to the nearest hospital for medical attention? I think there’s a lot more important things than to be dissing on the police and the other people involved.

…You seem to be the only one who didn’t bother to consider there were more important things than you and your screaming kids. Have a nice day.

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