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Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COWorth a thanksIf a ski patroller at Beaver Creek gives you a ride, retrieves your dropped pole, finds your cell phone, or heck, even saves your life, give him or her a thank you. These patrollers work extremely hard and seldom get the thanks that they deserve. Kathy Smith.Need a helmetSo glad that the town of Vail, along with Vail Resorts, has made Blue Cow Chute road and Vail Valley Drive the Indy 500. So nice. On the weekends it’s completely clogged up because they’ve allowed the valet parking. It was never ever supposed to be valet parking to drop your kids off at Golden Peak. I guess I’ll wear my helmet and my football gear to walk down the street, because it’s not a pedestrian village anymore, it’s the Indy 500. Sally Kelly.Huh?I’m calling in about the alpine slide at Beaver Creek. I do not believe the homeowners really want Beaver Creek to be a very popular ski resort. The reason why is because they hold a world forum that President Ford sponsored while he was still alive, and it brought out the Iranians, the Israelis, the Russians, the Americans, United Kingdom, Philippines, Japan, they bring them all together to hold a meeting, they drink beer, they have fun, they party, but on the TV news media, they speak about war and hatred. To me, that is a true environmental disaster. We’re talking about a peace loving alpine slide. You guys should even allow mountain bikers to wear pads in the summertime. Cannot go ride your bicycle without pads because you’re going to get hurt if you don’t have your pads on, and if you want to wear them, that to me is considered a lawsuit. So please go back to your little homes in Beaver Creek. And remember, what’s the difference between an environmentalist and a developer? An environmentalist already owns a home. Thank you. Joey Brooks

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