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What lockdown?

I would like to say something about the lockdown at Battle Mountain High School on Wednesday, Jan. 24. I do not believe that they are doing this so we could get practice, because we wouldn’t be making that much noise, they would be making it so we would be making less noise. I believe they just want to find drugs.

Also, one of the principals actually forgot a classroom, the industrial technology classroom, with all the students, and they just completely forgot about them, did not knock on the door, and did not take any of the students to the bus barn like the rest of the school. My name is Juan Carlos.

Support BMHS

I’d like to thank all the great ladies that came out to support girl’s night out.

Thanks to our gracious hostess, Wendy Becker of Village Warehouse Wines for their generous donation.

And I also want the Vail Valley women to know that we’re going to have another one sponsored by Battle Mountain P.T.A. on March 8. Please come out to that one, and thank you everybody. This is Bonnie Vesey.

Good karma

My name is Mark Elliott. I am calling just to thank the person that turned in the tool bag to the Avon Police Deparment that he found in the Wal-Mart parking lot last week. I really appreciate it. There’s some good karma coming back to you.

Military sentence

I was reading an article about illegal immigrants who come into our country to work and use and abuse our tax system.

It suggested that if they do this and they get caught, they must serve a minimum sentence in our military of what I believe is four years or more if they commit a crime.

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