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Safer spot

This is Diana Donovan. I am happy to respond to the question regarding the stop sign on Vail Valley Drive, which was placed long before I was elected to council. I did not initiate the action and I did not support it in the beginning. However, I now realize that it creates a safer intersection and believe it should remain. When you enter Vail Valley Drive from Homestake Circle, it is necessary to pull into the road in order to see on coming traffic, particularly to the east. The road easement is a very curvy one, appropriate for a residential neighborhood, and actually goes behind my property thus hiding the intersection. Even the removal of all landscaping in the right of way would not eliminate the need for the stop sign. Vail Valley Drive through the golf course is really one of the town’s major recreational paths with recreational users exceeding the number of cars. It is used by golf carts, bikers, hikers, roller bladers, scooters, exercisers of all kinds, baby strollers and families of all ages including kids learning to ride bikes. The surroundings allow people to let their guard down. Tourists particularly are thinking about everything but the fact that there are speeding cars on the road. If cars and bikers stayed within the 15 mile per hour speed limit, a stop sign probably would not be necessary. The stop sign is there for everyone’s safety. If you have additional questions, please call me at 476-2789. My number is also in the phone book.

That was important

I just wanted to call and thank you guys for being the first ones in the nation to have any info about Kobe being up here for knee surgery. If the sexual assault hadn’t been brought to light, no one would have known about his knee surgery, and that’s huge. Me being a Lakers fan, my family being season ticket holders, it really means a lot that you guys were able to share that.

Reality check?

Perhaps a reality check would serve a more useful purpose than the self-serving letters to the editor to put the Kobe probe in its proper perspective. there are big bucks involved, $100M would not be too high. It would not be unusual that some of the big bucks will filter down to the victim, county officials, employers etc to make the case go away. the accused is part of a special protected class of citizens, ie. wealthy minority, which bottom lines to a change of venue and a jury of sympathetic minorities. The legacy of O.J. echoes in the mind of every prosecutor, ie. “if da glove don’t fit, you gots to acquit,” regardless of any corroborative DNA evidence.

Would any prosecutor put his head in this noose? The inexperienced DA was the subject of an end run by his own sheriff because of his record in prior rape cases. Johnny Cochran is currently in Denver playing the race card against the City of Denver in the Childs case. It would not be much of a stretch for Cochran to be added to the Bryant defense team. My bet is that a plea/settlement will be reached before any trial can be initiated, thus depriving Eagle County of any more publicity and returning us to the bucolic life we enjoy here. J.E. Hicks.

Today I viewed Randy Wyrick on the Today Show on NBC. I was a resident of Colorado for seven years and have returned to my native state of California. What I viewed today reminded me of the reason I left Colorado. The insistence of not giving the name of the alleged “victim” is ludicrous in light of the fact that all of her “friends” and every Tom, Dick, Jane, and Harry have been sought after for their 15 (or less) minutes of fame and gladly and gleefully participated. The Colorado authorities have once again, after being catapulted into the national view, are showing how inept they are at their jobs in handling the law. Be fair, quit protecting your own, show the “character” of the accuser for the record. I can’t imagine the Cordillera (don’t know the correct spelling) is enjoying the adverse publicity. The sports notables who have been there undoubtedly will think twice before they book reservations again. Get with the program, come clean with both sides.

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