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Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Attitude problems

This is John Favle. I am calling about the ECO bus. They are unreliable.

Whenever I call and ask for bus schedule information, I get a snotty attitude, and most of the time the bus times they give me are not right.

Their drivers do not drive well, and when I call to complain about them I get more snotty attitude.

Small TVs

This is Mark Roberts in Avon. I’m at the transportation center and the TV is really frickin’ small. It should be a lot bigger.

Such a hypocrite

Matt Zalaznick, you are the ultimate definition of a liberal hypocrite. How come in your little mind, when the county commissioners stand up for what they think is right ” despite the overwhelming voters defeat of the babysitting tax ” you call them politically courageous?

Yet when President Bush stands up for what he thinks is right ” despite voter opposition ” you call him the worst president in history? The commissioners were elected, not to do what they think is right, but to champion the will of the voters. Tim Savage

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