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Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

A dilemma

I’m calling this in for my husband. I finally have come to the realization that there is but one choice that has to be made at this juncture in our lives ” whether to seek the monetary rewards that Eagle River Station now promises us during our lives, or to preserve and cultivate a Norman Rockwell environment for our children and grandchildren to enjoy in the future.

The former option is rather selfish and pragmatic, but the latter option is magnanimous and altruistic. Fred Butler

I got muddy

Thank you to whomever is in charge of the recycling bins next to Wal-Mart. I will no longer be extending myself to recycle here, as I have just spent the last 25 minutes clomping through mud up to my ankles to reach the recycling bins, soaking my car and ruining my shoes in the process. How pathetic and disappointing. My name is Meredith McCullough.

Grow up

Here’s a tip for Matt Zalaznick. Just wondering when you’re going to use people’s real names.

This Dog Cheney and Rummy stuff wasn’t funny the first time we read it. Do you think everybody’s laughing to themselves, as if reading a Mad magazine?

Matt, we’re not in middle school. Try writing like a grown-up. This is Frank Cristando.

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