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Why is everybody down on Harleys? I swear, you people have nothing better to do than complain about something. Harleys are not that loud always. It’s just the way they are, since 1903. Why don’t you just enjoy yourself? We’ve got a lot of smoking cars, buses and trucks. It can’t be any worse than some of these cars running around. People should spend their time somewhere else, like where are we going to put people that want to live here, low income, and making this place better instead of complaining about Harleys. Get a life.

Gone downhill

I’m calling to leave a tip about how ridiculous Vail Mountain and the Forest Service have taken the closing of trails on Vail Mountain. Vail Mountain is a world-class resort, and this is not competitive behavior. Mountains around North America that compete for our tourism dollars, like Whistler, have complete dual slalom and extreme sections and specified marked downhill runs that are competitive, whereas Vail closes comparable trails that have already been built by locals. They site erosion as their huge concern, but other local Colorado mountains are surpassing Vail in that area well. They’re sustaining and armoring existing trails, not destroying them. Vail accepts UCI World Cup events, but regional and national events are not, and we need to support the sport as its budding from the ground up, not the top down. We’ve got to accept downhilling. Just as snowboarding was initially feared, this sport can be profitable for the mountain if it’s supported. Local groups such as DRAG, the downhill riders advocacy group, have the manpower and interest, but are limited by the vision of a non-competitive mountain, and are further limited by the powers that be in Vail Resorts that won’t accept the sport and how it would pretty much explode on the mountain if it was given the proper support. If Vail Resorts wants to be a powerhouse with extreme sports, they must put pressure on the Forest Service to allow the sport to blossom. Anybody that’s interested in taking part in mountain digging and trail extension can sign up for DRAG at Wilde’s Sports in Lionshead.

Working together

I just wanted to respond to the education spending tip in a recent Vail Daily. The person that called in suggested that CMC and the school district get together and figure out how to make better use of all the facilities the taxpayers have built. I just wanted to give him an example of his suggestion at work. The school district and CMC are in a partnership to allow CMC classes to be held at Avon Elementary School. So, those things are happening, and I just didn’t want that person to be misinformed. Thank you.

Bears, knuckleheads

I read your article in Saturday’s paper on the bears, and it’s great to have a police officer like Matt Lindvahl who really cares about the community and cares about wildlife, and is very educational in helping people. But the one thing I don’t like is that knucklehead that’s a town attorney wants to introduce legislation to fine people. I mean, give me a break. It’s a real simple situation. BFI makes a steel container that is bear-proof. The locks slide, and I think it’s only $5 extra a month. The last thing we need is more legislation by a moron with a degree that makes too much money. This guy needs to get a dishwasher’s job somewhere and go back to the city where he came from. And the rest of you losers who came out here and complain about the bears need to go back to whichever city you came from. The bears have more right here than we do. We have three bears in our back yard, I’m not telling you where I live and I could care less. But all my neighbors, we won’t say nothing to anybody. I love seeing them almost every night, I follow them around. They are cool. All they are is hungry. I love wildlife, and I don’t like city people and knuckleheads who build trophy homes here. Sincerely, A.J.A.

Gift of joy

I couldn’t help but notice the Sunday front page of the Vail Daily, July 14. It’s got Bob Jamison twirling his baton in Edwards, spreading happiness and joy throughout the valley. What a great article! It’s really neat to have a breath of diversity in Eagle County. I think one of the best things we can do is maybe sign him up for the Vilar Center. That would be awesome. I can’t wait till he and his partner come back next year, I guess on the Fourth of July, to spread more happiness and joy throughout Eagle County. What a great article.

Traffic jam

I’m calling to say that I think the Avon Police handling of the Triple Bypass bicycle tour traffic problem on Saturday, July 13, from about 3 to 5 at the roundabouts on Highway 6 was the worse handling of a traffic problem I’ve ever seen by the police department around here, any of the police departments. They let the bicyclists just come through in ones, twos and threes, and seven at a time, while they backed up traffic in four different directions at the roundabouts, where people were inconvenienced and had to wait quite awhile just to get through the roundabout right there when this is not a race like the Tour du France, where it matters if anybody places in any particular order. They could have easily stopped the bikers until they had 50 or so of them and then let them go through, and they wouldn’t have had any traffic backup whatsoever. Instead they just held up traffic while even one biker would come through. It was just a ridiculous situation.

Good example?

In Sunday’s evening news I couldn’t help but watch Prince Harry, I guess last year he got sent to a rehab, and this year, after a polo club party he drank seven Smirnoff Ices, which is the equivalent of nine shots. Well I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and even people in England under 18, where the drinking age is 18. My goodness, this fellow is 17 years old and he was drinking. Gosh, I wonder what the people ion Eagle County would have thought of him, and the Eagle County sheriff and their deputies? They would love to put that young gentlemen behind bars. What’s the world coming to?

Puppet congressman

I have a comment regarding a Mr. Scott McInnis. Scott McInnis poses a real threat to the integrity of Colorado. People need to realize that he is simply a puppet for big industries and should resign immediately. Ron Mitchell.

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