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Why not give name?

Today I viewed Randy Wyrick on the Today Show on NBC. I was a resident of Colorado for seven years and have returned to my native state of California. What I viewed today reminded me of the reason I left Colorado. The insistence of not giving the name of the alleged “victim” is ludicrous in light of the fact that all of her “friends” and every Tom, Dick, Jane, and Harry have been sought after for their 15 (or less) minutes of fame and gladly and gleefully participated. …

Loose talk

I am appalled by how many local girls have talked with the media, supposedly supporting their friend through hard times yet have also gained their 15 minutes of fame with their loose talk.-I find it very interesting that every time a person from the media gets a “one-on-one” interview with one of the victims supposed close friends, a new piece of information comes to light that further discredits the victim’s case against Kobe.- Come on girls, don’t go and talk with the media about your “best friend” and the night she overdosed.- I mean, come on, why would you tell the nation that your best friend had tried to commit suicide, a matter that should be only discussed with family, not everyone living in the United States?- The victim needs her friends now more than ever, not people that know her and want to be seen on CNN or on the Today Show.- Local 18-year-old old girl.

Another Speakout?

The Vail Daily suing the Town of Eagle and Vail for dispatch reports as part of the ongoing investigation is crazy. Are you guys trying to be another Speakout?

Sheriff should leave

You guys oughta write a column about Hoy being fired, eliminated, gone. It’s just wrong. It’s not how you carry law and order, and he certainly is so 20th century, somebody needs to update him as to how things are done. He’s going to end up in big trouble anyway, but you can help that along, speed things up, just ask for his resignation as soon as possible.

Shoo, flies

As a resident of Eagle County, I just want to say I’m sick and tired of reporters, I’m sick and tired of people coming to my business, I’m sick and tired of the questions. I just want to say, Eagle County supports its justice system, and we stand by it. If he did it, he should pay. If he didn’t then he should get off. Period. Let’s wait and find out the facts, boys. Forget what you think. Let’s go with the facts.

What if your kid?

I’m calling about the Koby Bryant case and how everybody is saying that it’s such a mistake and how the alleged victim is lying. I don’t really think that’s fair because nobody knows. Just because he’s a basketball star doesn’t mean he’s invincible and he can do no wrong. And I just wonder how these people would feel if it was their daughter that was being raped or assaulted by some basketball star.

Should believe girl

It’s about 5:15 on Friday the 18th; this is right after the Koby Bryant released his little statement. I just hope that all those sanctimonious sons of bitches that were putting down our local girl here saying she was a liar and a gold digger, will now end up getting their heads out of their … and begin to realize that just because Koby Bryant is a superstar, that he can and probably did. Of course, it’s all alleged, but I

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