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Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Knocked me out

Butch, you knocked me out with your commentary today on illegal immigration. Never have I seen a heated debate on illegal immigration so eloquently put. My name is Ivan Schwartz. I’m actually in town visiting. Great article.

Have a nice day

This is Rich Mahoney calling from Eagle. My message is, wake up people. Fasten your seatbelts, quit smoking, don’t litter, conserve gas, and have a damn nice day. Thanks.

Which aliens?

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This is regarding the UFO letter from Bob Fiske. Do these aliens you keep writing about have green cards or are they illegal aliens? I guess we need to build a really, really high fence. This is Frank Cristando.

Credit card found

Yesenia Slick. I found your Wells Fargo Visa credit card on Bridge Street on Wednesday. My name is Bob Aubrey. Call 331-1037 and I’ll get it back to you. Thanks.

No surprise

My name is Ben Stafford. My message: It is no surprise that a Colorado Mountain Express driver piled his van up on I-70 last week. Those guys drive around town like maniacs.

I think the irony can be seen on the little signs found in the back of the vans. That is all.

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