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Vail CO, Colorado

DUI database

David Schempf. On DUIs, we all need to get involved with the state legislators and everybody else to push for a DUI computer so when these people get one ticket, they go in a computer. Right now, as it stands, you get arrested but you don’t go into the computer until you’re charged and a case file is assigned to you. That’s what I was told. So maybe we need a DUI, DWAI, anything alcohol-related offenses computers. On wife-beating. Anything. A computer that once you even have contact with a police officer your name goes into a computer. I don’t know. But we need something to trap these people.

Let’s not just track them after they go to the courts. We need to track them before they go to the courts five or six times and nobody has records of them being arrested three months earlier and have not had a court hearing yet.

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