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Avon’s underground

Joey Brooks. I’m writing in about Mayor Ron Wolfe of Avon. I read his article about how he wants to change Avon and have restaurants, retail shops and affordable housing. That’s all great for the city of Avon. He has to explain about other cities in America, these other cities have a secret life called underground.

The underground houses lots of dance clubs, bars, discos, you name it, all underground. Even concerts, rock bands, they all play underground.

He seems to fail to understand that there’s a youth here in Avon that would like to see the underground come back to life, because retail shops and restaurant owners and affordable housing can only last for so long in a day, but when the night comes to town, there’s nothing better else to do than go out and drink a beer, because it’s dark out 20 hours a day.

Great column

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My name is Summer Holm. I just wanted to comment on Richard Carnes’ article yesterday.

I have to say only in Vail. We’re standing in line at the post office making small talk with some of the locals, and it was Wolf Miller who told us to be sure and read Richard Carnes’ April 17 article, “Here’s looking at you, kid.” Wow. What a beautiful story. It just touches your heart, and I just hope that everybody got to see that, got to read that, and I want Richard to know that our prayers are with him and thank you for a wonderful paper, Vail Daily.

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