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Changes needed

I would like to know who are all the sponsors of the Vail Arts Festival? Who organizes the show? Who decides who will be in the show? Why all the food and beverage vendors when Lionshead has a deli or a restaurant or a bar almost every 50 feet of the way all from out of town? I thought these special events were designed to bring people into town and beef up our sagging economy. Where a lot of the decks and tables of our local food and beverage vendors and I could count on one hand the participating local artists, something is a bit misguided, methinks. Next year, first choice opportunity should be made available to all local artists and all food and beverage merchants of Vail! Second, fees, because we all pay taxes, either by exorbitant rent or property, should be discounted for us locals so we can afford to be there. Then, any remaining spots can be allocated to non-locals and they can pay for the privilege. If these special events are closed to local participation, they should be held elsewhere. Time to promote all our remarkable local talent and product. I think we can handle it. Shame on you for neglecting to include the people who really count, and need the business. Next year, can changes be made?

Don’t waste funds

This is a letter being sent to the Board of County Commissioners in Eagle County: Michael Gallagher, Tom Stone, and Arn Menconi. I’ve been following the Craig Bair Ranch conservation easement with great concern. I would like you to consider the following. The ranch that we see sits in Garfield County. Please don’t spend Eagle County money to benefit Garfield County. Most of the Bair Ranch is up on Cottonwood Pass. There is no visibility from I-70.

The ranch is not accessible for future development because of railroad easement rights. There is very limited vehicle access from the ranch side, as well as the Cottonwood Pass side, where Mike Walk has allowed an easement to the Bair property. I feel that there are higher priority projects better suited for other areas. I also feel that we should spend our open space dollars for land to be enjoyed and viewed by the taxpayers.

If you do feel the necessity to give Mr. Bair some money, please consider buying the 512 acres along the river, from the Glenwood trailhead to Dotsero. At least the taxpayers can enjoy the recreational benefits that are only a benefit to the Bair family now. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Called competition

Hey folks, just want to remind everybody as you drive by the new Super Wal-Mart, please don’t forget your local businesses that you’ve been buying your tires from, getting your hair done, getting your glasses from, getting your oil changed, and all of those other people that have been in the valley for years. Don’t get sucked in by Wal-Mart’s quest to put all these guys out of business and be the only game in town. It could turn Avon and the valley into just like any other town where Wal-Marts come in and the local business will be put out.

Please support your local businesses. Don’t be fooled. If you really think the service at this one will be any better than at the last Wal-Mart, you’re definitely being fooled. If they can’t staff the last store, how are they going to staff the new store? It should be pretty ugly in a few more months, once all the out-of-town bigshots are gone and it’s left to the normal people running the store again.

Sad day for Avon. I wish I could smack the idiots on the Town Council five years ago that approved this thing. But they’re long gone.

You, too

Put pornography out of business. Legalize nudity. Maybe people would take a look at themselves and reduce obesity. Take a walk. Read a book. Peace and love.

Finding fault

Hip hip hooray. Wal-Mart Supercenter is open. It’s a beautiful store, large and new. Too bad they don’t have enough registers there and it’s really sad that their cashiers are inadequately trained, not to mention management. Talk about respect for others.

Obviously high

Hey locals, would you rather live in a place that costs a million bucks, i.e. most of Eagle County, or one that just looks like it should cost a million bucks. Come down and check out Lake County for the true Colorado lifestyle.

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