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Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Style debate

This is Lisa Blake calling from Eagle. I have a comment about Alison Miller’s writing style. It seems as though every column is a question. That is not journalism.

Alison, you are no longer at your college newspaper. Thank you.

Don’t count

My name is Karl Berger. My message is regarding the home rule charter and the childhood babysitting tax. Why would we bother to vote? It’s a sad day in Eagle County that we have now gone from a democracy where people vote for issues to a dictatorship where socialist elected government officials can now dictate the way they want the county to be run.

It’s a very sad day for Eagle County. Votes don’t count anymore.

Not represented

This is Ed Austin. I must be a little confused about our elected county commissioners. I thought they were elected to represent the will of the voters. It appears this is not correct.

Arn Menconi seems to think he was elected to be dictator.

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