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Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Good protection

Three cheers for the Eagle County Commissioners for limiting development on previously public land sold and swapped by our local U.S. Forest Service. Some of the good old boys and girls at the Eagle Ranger Station and in the Glenwood Springs supervisor’s office have decided to sell the high-end Forest Service public lands upvalley, notably in Minturn and around Avon, so they can finance a new ranger station in Eagle and attempt to shut the one down in Minturn.

If anything should be sold, it should be the compound in Eagle that the Forest Service currently uses which is in a neighborhood, has barns …, but the land’s more valuable upvalley, so they want to sell it so they can build a bigger office in Eagle …

There’s just a few good old boys and girls down in Eagle who want this to go through. Thank you. My name’s Richard Schnelle.

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