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Gun control rights

Joey Brooks. I’m calling in today about Ms. Hillary Clinton. I was watching a replay of a clip where she talked about gun control. She believes that guns should be taken away from people with a history of mental illness. That includes children that take Ritalin, and that makes me believe today why doctors give out Ritalin before they can even finish their sentences to their children, which puts them in a mentally ill status, which takes away their gun control in the future, if she becomes president.

Don’t cover that stuff

Vail Daily, this is Nancy Rondeau from Vail. Why are you writing up the employees of the oil and gas industry? These workers are helping the oil and gas interests to destroy our native habitat of beautiful western Colorado. This so-called weed management program? What is it really? Vegetation is not all weeds. What chemical are they using? Round-Up? So that nothing grows? … Why doesn’t this press support the preservation of our beautiful land?

It’s not racist

Donna Manto. My comment is, why am I called a racist because I want to speak English when I go to the store? Because my neighbors can’t talk to me in English, because I am immersed in Spanish culture, but yet I am born and bred an American. It’s not that I don’t invite other people to come to our country, I welcome it. … I’m rambling on, but I’m very upset because more than once, just today, I have been accosted by the language barrier, because I cannot speak Spanish, and I find it wrong that people call me racist because I oppose the fact that the Spanish people don’t speak English.

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