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Thanks for being honest

Patrice Cunningham. I work at the Yacht Club in Wolcott and I just want to thank the people who forgot to pay their bill and called back. I just wanted to let that out and they are wonderful people and I thank them for being honest and paying me. It’s priceless that they were that nice.

She should get paid

This is Tiffani Lyon. The lady who walks around Gypsum and picks up trash, many people think that she’s weird, and I don’t, because the Gypsum community looks much better than if she didn’t. I think that the Town of Gypsum should pay her because is a very good person to do that.

Why do you need my help?

My name is Alex Carson. I live in Gypsum. I’m just responding to the Vail Daily article that Vail Mountain is holding a cleanup, obviously on a volunteer basis. Although I support a lot of the other public cleanups that go on, which would otherwise cost taxpayer dollars ” the Eagle River cleanup and the highway cleanups and what not, which I think are great things ” I think this is kind of ridiculous that Vail would be looking for volunteers considering the cost of merchant passes that they charge their locals and the fact that they’re a public corporation and they make a lot of money.

You would think they would be able to finance their own cleanup, which is the result of their money-making endeavors. So, anyway, that’s my tip.

Don’t need that in Minturn

Brendan Olson, Minturn. I’d like to say that the bottom line of the Ginnturn project is the fact that there will be a poop plant in Minturn due to all the excess greed in the valley. So the fact of the matter is the Ginn project becomes the poop plant, and if you’ve ever been to Avon, I don’t think if you were a resident of Minturn you’d want the poop plant in your town. Thank you very much. I love Tipsline and I love the Vail Daily.

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