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Vail CO, Colorado

Road rage alert

This is Jill Martinez, and I just wanted to say that once again I just got done sitting in traffic on westbound I-70 between West Vail and Dowd Junction where the left lane’s closed and they’re not even doing any work in the left lane and it’s really frustrating and people in front of me were screaming and yelling and they’re not even doing anything, so I don’t understand why the lane was even closed.

Somebody needs to look into this, because there’s a lot of road rage that’s going to be happening because of this.

Get off Menconi

Please get off Menconi already. You can’t blame a guy for trying. My name is Floyd Benjamin Hornbuckle. Good day, God bless.

Vail doesn’t care

This is Diana Margolin. Not only does Vail not care about employee housing or anything like that, but on the Fourth of July the employees couldn’t even park where they usually park and you had to park all the way over by Ford Park and hike in about a mile. Now, you want to tell me Vail cares about anybody local? I sincerely doubt it. Sorry.

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