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Councilor is right

This is Karen Sanchez. I’m just reading the Tipsline this morning of how a councilman got a break. The councilman that we’re talking about is Farrow Hitt. He did not get a break, he’s not trying to get a break, he’s trying to stress out there the purpose of the bear-proof containers, which by law we have to have, but they’re bear-proof because the lid is so heavy so it’s also people-proof. We can’t get in it. I’m a manager here and all my owners are 80 years old, and they’re going to try and lift off this container to throw their trash and they’re going to get their arm chopped off and they’re going to sue … So, give him a break.

Bush is no Clinton

This is in response to Richard Shingle’s Tipsline, “monkey boy president and his cronies.” The president did not grant a full pardon to Lewis Levy, but communed

his sentence. The difference is that the man cannot work in his chosen profession of law, unlike the 145 people that Bill Clinton pardoned on his last day in office, including his brother, who he pardoned twice for different offenses, cocaine possession and intent to distribute. If you would like to get a full list of President Clinton’s pardons, you can contact the U.S. Justice Department at http://www.useoj.govpardonClintonpardon. My name is Todd O’Hearne.

Those secret meetings

Joey Brooks. I’m calling in today about the AEI World Forum in Beaver Creek. I was reading in the Vail Valley Foundation’s newsletter about some hidden clues of which actually took place … Vice President Dick Cheney was there, Arizona Sen. John Keil was there. He is a pro-immigration activist … We also had Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Now if it’s a secret meeting, does that mean that Mitt Romney in 17 months is going to be my next president? Call me a conspiracy nut, but I believe that the future planning of America has to do with Mitt Romney, our next president. Last but not least, we need to find out why Dick Cheney holds secret meetings to begin with. Because if they’re planning for my future, I need to know in advance if I need to run for the mountains and hide.

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