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Vail CO, Colorado

Speed and medical bills

Joey Brooks. I’m calling in today about the speed limit on the interstates, car crashes and doctors, hospitals, doctor bills. If we continue to believe that speed is gong to solve anything, maybe we should look to the where the world’s leading speeders live, such as Germany, and the Autobahn. They take car safety very seriously in Germany. Flat tires, that could kill anyone, but if you’re safe about a tire, you should never have a problem.

Also, when all these illegal immigrants have to go to the doctors and hospitals, I’m just wondering, who gets to pick up the bill? The American citizen taxpayers? Or the individuals who caused this themselves from unsafe vehicles.

I know people in this town who have been 86’d from a doctor’s office just for getting upset over a question being asked. They are no longer even allowed to go to the doctor, and they are U.S. citizens and they pay their bills.

I only hope that Eagle County and the country will get together and come up with safer means to get our registrations and come up with safety checkpoints every years with their registrations. If their car’s not safe, you don’t get the registration, nor car insurance, etc. No driver’s license, you have to take the bus.

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