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Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Documenting the truth

Aggie Chastain. Commissioner Menconi was at the Eagle County Fair last Saturday. Recall petition carriers were surprised by the flash of his camera followed by Arn yelling, “just make sure you are telling the truth.” I am sure that Arn did not take the photos to intimidate us. He wanted them as proof that good children minus early childhood programs go bad.

Give the bike back

Reverend Jay Door. A couple of my parishioners asked me to call. The seniors at the Golden Eagle Apartments, their adult three-wheel bicycle has been stolen, and we’d like to know why and how. Thank you very much.

What’s your mpg?

Dan Senkow. My question is to Arn Menconi. I want to know what kind of mileage your Prius gets when it goes 86 miles an hour and gets a speeding ticket. Also, what kind of additional costs do the taxpayers have to pay for someone who has so many points on his license? I’m just wondering.

I’m being attacked

Oh my God. Nice picture on Aug. 9. of the new Republican youth committee. I see they’re all painted up and ready to go to Iraq. Jesus be with you. But on a more serious note, I urge everyone to click on your little Internet computer at, Feb. 24, 2007, an article called “New urbanism’s flip side” dealing with declaring areas blight zones.

My name’s Rich Schnelle, thank you for making me tell my name so I can be subjected to personal attacks in your little Republican paper. Have a nice day.

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