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Nice work

With all the bad stuff that’s always said about the police in the community here, I’d like to point out that there was a bike race coming through Vail on Monday, and it took me quite some time to get off the interstate in Vail, and the police officer who was directing traffic there did an outstanding job. I’ll tell you what, his life was in his hands, that was the most dangerous thing I have ever seen around here. Worst than two feet of snow on a road. I think nobody got hurt, which was great, and amazing. You couldn’t put me out there directing traffic for all the money in the world. It was total chaos, and he hung tough, and did a damn good job.

No benefit

Arn and Mike’s misguided vote on the Bair Ranch project subsidizes the special interests of millionaire ranchers with our tax dollars. Next, will you spend our money subsidizing Vail Resorts Red Sky Ranch golf course because it is “pretty to look at”?

This is essentially what you did at Bair Ranch. You spent our money with no benefit to the public besides a nice view corridor. Have you forgotten that Eagle County is already 82% open space? Have you forgotten that one-third of Bair Ranch is not even in Eagle County? … As for the millionaires on the Eagle Valley Land Trust Board, they are simply using their spare time to ensure that developable land is tied up so they can have nice views from their mansions with our tax dollars.

What we need is more land to provide reasonable housing for the actual workers in Eagle County instead of jamming all the housing on directly on the I-70 corridor. Doesn’t anyone else see the ridiculousness of this Bair Ranch decision?

Out of tune

I’m calling in regards to the summer sports festival. … I think it’s great to bring skateboarding, biking and all these extreme sports in. People love to watch them and stuff, but then they go and schedule the SubDudes to play the concert. Who are they trying to appeal to this music with? The 50-year-old second-home owners? If we’re going to have skateboarding and we’re going to try to bring people in to do something cool, maybe we should try and get some cool bands.

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